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Video Slot Games

video slotsYou will find lots of what are known as video slot games will be on offer to you no matter at what online or mobile casino site you choose to play at and by playing these types of slot game online or on a mobile device you are going to have lots of entertainment value out of your gambling bankroll and budget and will be getting a very exciting type of slot playing experience!

Video slot games come with lots of different payline playing structures, some of them offer fixed paylines and some of them have optional paylines, but each video slot game you will come across will have at the very least five video reels.

When you play a video slot game not only can you spin in winning combinations but you can also trigger some very unique types of bonuses games which can increase your chances of receiving and achieving a winning payout.

The bonus game you can trigger can be picking and match types of bonus games, free spins bonus games and pick and match bonus games in fact some online and mobile video slots also offer a gamble game feature too!

Frequently Asked Questions

As we always like to do on each and every single one of our slot game playing guides, below you will find a range of questions and their respective answers surrounding you playing video slot games, so if you do have any questions read on for those questions could just be answered in the following section of this real money video slot game playing guide!

  1. Which software platform has the largest range of video slot games?

    If you play at a casino site using Playtech software you will find those casinos offer a very wide range of slot games on which you will find a video slot game playing structure and design, and when playing at any online casino site that uses any of the different gaming platforms offered by Playtech you are also going to be able to play those slot games for stake levels of your own choosing.

  2. How many base game spins will I need to play to get a bonus game?

    When you are playing most online or mobile video slot games on which you can be awarded with a bonus game by a set of scatter symbols spinning in the actual number of base game spins you will have to play off before that bonus game is awarded to you will vary.

    On average tough you will find it is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty base game spins will need to be played off before the bonus game is triggered by those symbols spinning in.

  3. What real money slot playing banking options are available?

    If you want to play any of the many different mobile or online video slot games but wish to play them all in a real money playing environment then you will have to pick one of several different ways to transfer money into your real money casino account.

    You will be able to use one of the many different web wallets to do that or you can use a prepaid card or the easiest way and usually the most cost effective way will be to use a debit card or even a credit card.

  4. What is a double up feature?

    Many slot games have a double up feature and when you have managed to spin in a winning combination you can either click on the collect button and those winnings will then be transferred into your casino account or you can opt to play off a gamble game.

    When you choose to play off that gamble game you will be risking everything you won on the base game of the slot and by doing so you will have to guess the colour or the suit of a playing card, guess the suit right and you will double your winning payout guess the suit right and your winning payout will be quadrupled in value.

  5. Do video slots have an auto play option?

    Lots of video slot games will have an auto play feature, and it will need to be the auto play button you select if you want the slot game to play itself automatically.

    By you clicking on the auto play button you can choose just how many spins the slot will play off for you automatically on your chosen stake amount, so you can select a large number of spins or a low number on any stake you want them to play off at.


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