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Real Money Slots – Play Slot Machine for Real Money

how to play slotsWhen you first launch a real money slot game at an online casino site or when playing slot games on a mobile device you will be faced with several different options in regards to how much that spin will cost you and how the spin will play out.

The first thing that you will need to do is to pick the number of payline you wish to play off on each spin, and once you have one so you then need to pick a coin value which will be in play on that slot. Next you will be faced with having to select how many coins on your chosen coin value you are going to put into play one each activated payline, and once done you then simply click on the spin button.

However, many slot games will have an auto play option which will let you play off a set number of spins on your chosen stakes automatically. Plus many slot games have a max bet button which when pressed will send the reels into live play on the maximum stake option available and with all payline in play!

Frequently Asked Questions

As you may have a few more questions about how to play real money slot game online or on a mobile phone, below are some of the questions we have noticed a slot of first time real moneys slot players tend to ask and we have the answers to each questions below for you too!

  1. How do I deposit to play real money slot games?

    If you decide that you would like to play any type of mobile or online slot games but in the real money playing environment then you will have to pick one of several different ways to transfer money into your real money casino account.

    You will be able to use one of the many different web wallets to do that or you can use a prepaid card or the easiest way and usually the most cost effective way will be to use a debit card or even a credit card.

  2. Which casinos offer real money slot tournaments?

    Microgaming‘s fully downloadable gaming platform offers a very wide range of daily slot tournaments which can be entered for real money, and when playing at any online casino site that offers those slots tournaments you are also going to be able to play in them for entry fees of your own choosing.

  3. How does the gamble game option work on real money slots?

    When you spin in a winning combination playing some online or mobile real money slot games you can either click on the collect button and those winnings will then be transferred into your casino account or you can opt to play off a gamble game.

    When you choose to play off that gamble game you will be risking everything you won on the base game of the slot and by doing so you will have to guess the colour or the suit of a playing card, guess the suit right and you will double your winning payout guess the suit right and your winning payout will be quadrupled in value.

  4. Can I set the slots to play automatically?

    You will find virtually every single real moneys slot game you come across online will have an auto play feature, and it will need to be the auto play button you select if you want the slot game to play itself automatically.

    When you click on that button you can choose just how many spins the slot will play off for you automatically on your chosen stake amount, so you can select a large number of spins or a low number on any stake you want them to play off at.

  5. How much can I win off one single spin?

    It is going to be determined by just which type of real money slot games you choose to play in regards to how much you could win from any one single spin you choose to play off.

    For if you decide that you could like to play any of the progressives slot game online or on a mobile gaming platform then the sky really will be the limit in regards to how much you can win via those progressive jackpots.

    However, playing any slot game which has a fixed coin set of payline, if you play for higher coin values or play more than one coin per payline then you can increase the amount of cash you can win on each spin.


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