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3 Reel Slots

3 reel slotsYou can play 3 reel slots safe in the knowledge that you will rarely find any type of bonus games or bonus features being awarded to you as you play them, so they are ideal slots for a new online or mobile real money slot players to try out and play.

There are only going to be a very low number of paylines you can send into live play when you do decide the time is right for you to play 3 reel slots and as such you will find several different slots in this category which off one payline, three paylines or usually no more than five optional pay lines.

If you play a 3 reel slot game with one payline the jackpot is often increased in value and enhanced in value when you play maximum coins on that one single payline, so always check the pay table an play maximum coin spins if there is a boosted jackpot payout on offer on any 3 reel slot game you do play.

Also on 3 reel slots offering more than one payline the jackpot can be boosted in value when you play all of the payline and get the jackpot spinning in on the highest number ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is not a lot to know about playing 3 reel slots as once you have chosen how many lines or coins to play you just click on the spin button to send the reels spinning, however here are a few questions and answers many players do ask about these types of slot games.

  1. Do 3 reel slots have different volatility?

    One thing that you will soon discover when you take a look at the pay tables and playing structure attached to all three reel slot games is that they come with a whole host of different variances and volatility attached to them.

    With that in mind you should always pick a 3 reel slot game to play that is going to give you the level of risk you are looking for so look out for slots with a low, medium or high variance playing structure and pick one that suits your playing style!

  2. Can 3 reel slot games be played for pennies?

    The one thing that you will realise when you start to play three reel slot games online or at a mobile casino site is that not all of them will be able to be played for pennies. But with the number of paylines being quite low on these types of slot games the minimum stake levels are usually slightly higher than most other slot games.

    But please do take a look around some of the many different mobile casinos and online casino sites for those that use different gaming platforms and a different suppliers range of three reel and other slot games may have some classic slots that can be configured as penny slot games.

    However, do not expect to win life changing amounts of cash when playing three reel slot games for pennies, but do consider playing some random jackpot progressive slots for pennies if you are looking for the chance to win big!

  3. Who verifies 3 reel slots are fair?

    When you play three reels slot games the games will have been tested before they are released by a casino game testing company who then issues a certificate stating they have tested those 3 reel games and they are fair and random.

    All casinos that are licensed will also have to prove to their gambling license issuer that the slot games on offer at their sites have all been independently tested and certified as being fair and random slots and that ensures that each online or mobile 3 reel slot game you play will give you a completely random outcome!

  4. Can I choose to gamble any winning payouts?

    When playing a select number of three reel slot games if you get a winning combination spinning in you can either click on the collect button and those winnings will then be transferred into your casino account or you can opt to play off a gamble game.

    When you choose to play off that gamble game you will be risking everything you won on the base game of the slot and by doing so you will have to guess the colour or the suit of a playing card, guess the suit right and you will double your winning payout guess the suit right and your winning payout will be quadrupled in value.


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