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Slot Game Reel Symbols

Slot Machine Reel SymbolsWe are now going to give you an insight into some of the many different yet unique reel symbols that you can spin in when playing slot game online, so have a read through of this slot playing guide as you will more than likely come across some of the symbols mentioned in it!

Wild symbols are found on a lot of slot games however the way that they operate can be in one of several different ways, a wild symbols will always stand in for all of the standard reel symbols on a slot but some of them can expand when they spin in and cover all of the reels they appear on with wild symbols.

You will also find some slot games which have stacked reel symbols and when they spin in you will notice more than one of the same reel symbols is stacked on top of the other one and as such you could get a screen full of them spinning in!

You will also find scatter symbols on many slot games and those symbols will either payout a cash awarded and/or trigger a bonus game when enough of them spin into view and they do not need to land on an activated payline to trigger bonus games or award winning cash payouts!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do want to play slot game online but have lots of questions about doing so then below you will find some of the most asked questions related to slot game reel symbols and actually playing slot game online, so read on as you will find them informative.

  1. Where can I play slots with the most bonus symbols?

    Real Time Gaming offer a very wide range of slot games on which you will find all manner of unique bonus symbols, and when playing at any online casino site that uses any of the different gaming platforms offered by RTG you are also going to be able to play those slot s games for stake levels of your own choosing.

  2. What are bonus game awarding bonus symbols?

    If you come across a slot game on which a set of bonus symbols instead of scatter symbols are used to trigger the bonus games on those slots then the way in which the bonus games will be triggered don’t those slot game sis by you having to line up a set number those bonus symbols on an activated payline.

    You will often find you have to line those symbols up from the first reel onwards on consecutive reels before the bonus games are triggered and awarded to you!

  3. How often should scatter symbols trigger a bonus game?

    When you are playing a slot game on which you can be awarded with a bonus game by a set of scatter symbols spinning in the actual number of base game spins you will have to play off before that bonus game is awarded to you will vary.

    On average tough you will find it is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty base game spins will need to be played off before the bonus game is triggered by those symbols spinning in.

  4. Are there and wild symbol based bonus games on offer?

    Some video slot games which are found in the Microgaming gaming platforms have a wild symbol based bonus feature round which is going to be randomly awarded to you from time to time.

    When that particular wild symbols bonus feature is awarded dot you then you will discover that one to five of the reels will all get covered in wild symbols. The more reels that get turned into wild reels the much greater chance you will get of winning some very high valued and impressive winning payouts!

  5. Do all reel symbols spin in randomly?

    When you play any slot games with any type of bonus, scatter or wild symbols or in fact any type of symbols those slot games will all have been tested before they are released by a casino game testing company who then issues a certificate stating they have tested those games and they are fair and random.

    All casinos that are licensed will also have to prove to their gambling license issuer that the slot games on offer at their sites have all been independently tested and certified as being fair and random slots and that ensures that each game you play will give you a completely random outcome!


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