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Progressive Slots

Progressive JackpotThere can be no more exiting real money slot games to play than those on which you could win one or more progressives jackpots!

When you choose to play any online real money slot game on which progressive jackpots are on offer then when you play them a small amount of your stakes are fed into the jackpot pool on each spin you play off.

You will then be hoping that when you play that slot you spin in the required reel symbols winning combination on a certain payline for you to then win the progressive jackpot.

However, quiet number of mobile and online real money progressive slot games will award their respective jackpots either completely at random and for any stake you are playing or you can win a jackpot off a bonus game.

Always read the game play rules and look at the pay table however rot ensure you know who the jackpot will be won on any progressive jackpot paying slot you play as they can award their respective jackpots on many different ways!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have put in place a range of progressive slot game questions and the answer to each of those questions so if you fancy getting stuck into playing these types of slot game online please do keep on reading as any questions that you may have will more than likely be answered below for you!

  1. Which casinos have the most progressive slots?

    Microgaming software powered online and mobile casinos offer a very wide range of slot games on which you will find lots of different progressive jackpots attached to them, and when playing at any online casino site that uses any of the different gaming platforms offered by Microgaming you are also going to be able to play those slot games for stake levels of your own choosing.

  2. Do progressive slot players earn rewards?

    Playing any online progressive slot games in a real money playing environment will mean that you are going to be earning comp points as you play those slot games.

    It does not matter if any spin you play off is a winning one of a losing one you will still be earning those comp points. By saving them up at a time of your own choosing you can then swap those comp points and redeem them for cash or playing credits!

  3. Are progressive slots all high variance slots?

    One thing that you will soon discover when you take a look at the pay tables and playing structure attached to all progressive slot machines is that they come with a whole host of different variances and volatility attached to them.

    With that in mind you should always pick a progressive slot machine to play that is going to give you the level of risk you are looking for so look out for slots with a low, medium or high variance playing structure and pick one that suits your playing style!

  4. Do I get paid out in small payments if I win the jackpot?

    You will find that when you play progressive slot games at for example Microgaming software powered casino sites if you ever win a progressive jackpot that winning payout will be sent to you in one single payment.

    However, some online casinos have maximum weekly payout limits in place and when playing at such a site you will only ever be able to cash out a certain percentage of your jackpot each week or even each month!


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