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How Real Money Slot Games Work

How Slots WorkThe way in which all real moneys slot games work is quite simple, once you have chosen a stake you wish o play a slot game for and have clicked onto the spin or max bet button to send the reels spinning as soon as those buttons are clicked a message is then sent to the random number generator attached to that slot game.

That random number generator will then randomly select a number which the slot machine will then use to determine whether the next spin you play off will be a winning ones or a losing one.

If the number selected is chosen as a losing spin then you will not spin in any winning combinations on any of your activated paylines. However if a winning spin is chosen via the random number generator then the reels will then spin in such a way that on at least one of your chosen activated payline a winning spin will then be spun in.

Some slot games also offer a progressive jackpot or a bonus game or in fact several bonus games and those are also going to be triggered dependent on just what number the random number generator selects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a range of often asked questions by players who are looking to play video slot games, and as such if you are new to playing these types of real money slot game online or on a mobile phone then keep on reading as your questions may be answered in the following section.

  1. Does anyone check slot games are random?

    When you play real money slot games the games will have been tested before they are released by a casino game testing company who then issues a certificate stating they have tested those games and they are fair and random.

    All casinos that are licensed will also have to prove to their gambling license issuer that the slot games on offer at their sites have all been independently tested and certified as being fair and random slots and that ensures that each game you play will give you a completely random outcome!

  2. Can I play land based slot games online?

    You will find some casinos have the range of IGT designed slot games on and all of those slot games will be ones you will have seen available in land based casinos, and when playing at any online casino site that uses any of the different slot designed by IGT you are also going to be able to play those slot games for stake levels of your own choosing.

  3. Can I swap the stake levels I play for?

    You will always have full control over any real money slot game you choose to play online or at a mobile casino site, so make sure that before you click on the spin button you choose a stake you want to play the slot game for.

    Some slot games when you first launch them will have the maximum coin value settings in place, and by clicking the spin button the minute you launch such a slot you may end up playing for a stake way above the amount you wanted to play it for!

  4. How do I cash out my winnings?

    One thing you will of course need to know about when you are playing real money slot game online is how to cash out your winnings! When you play slot games at an online casino you money is kept in your casino account balance.

    When you play off a spin the stake you have wagered is removed from your casino account balance and if that spin is a winning one then those winnings are transferred back into your casino account balance.

    If at any time you wish to cash out your winnings or any cleared non bonus funds held in your casino account simply click on the banking or cashier button. You will then see the banking interface load onto your screen and then you can select an amount and an option for cashing out those winnings.

  5. What happens if I log out of a casino?

    If you log out of any casino site that you are playing at any funds held in your casino account balance will stay there and will be available to you when you next choose to log into that casino site.

    If at any time you get disconnected from an online or mobile casino sites when playing a slot game the result of that spin will be displayed on the screen for you when you next log into that casino site and launch that slot game.


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