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Fruit Machines

Fruit MachinesSome of the most played slot games found in Great Britain are those which are known simply as Fruit Machines, now when you play these types of gaming machines you are going to find they offer a three reel playing structure, and often there is just one single payline on which you will have to place a stake.

When playing online Fruit Machines of which there are quite a number of them available, you will find several different staking options available, so playing them for any stake level you are comfortable playing them for will be a breeze.

However, you do need to be aware that Fruit machines offer a playing structure and format on which you are going to trigger and be awarded a huge number of base game features and bonus rounds and as such you will find them energetic and very entertaining slot games to play.

The payout percentages fond on online Fruit Machines are way higher than those found attached to land based Fruit Machines and with the jackpots that can be won online when playing real money version of these games being much higher, then you will have the chance to win big when playing any of them online!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will likely have a few questions if you do fancy playing real money Fruit Machines online and below you will find a range of commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions which may help you get your head around how these games play and pay!

  1. What payout percentages can I expect online fruit machines to award?

    You will be able to find more than enough fruit machines to play online, however for you to get much long playing sessions and to have the best winning chances when you do decide to play those types of slot online you will need to select the fruit machines with the highest payout percentages.

    Many online fruit machines will have set in stone payout percentage of 96% or higher, however some do have slightly lower payout percentage so always make sure you check out just how high or low the RTP is on any fruit machine you do decide to play before you play it online!

  2. What base game bonus features are awarded on fruit machines?

    It is hold features and nudges features that are always going to be awarded to you when you choose to play fruit machines online, in fact you can often find those base game bonus features are triggered on lots of consecutive spins.

    However as many slot machines have additional bonus feature on offer via their base game always check the game play help files of any fruit machine you are thinking of playing to discover just what features can be awarded to you!

  3. How do the main bonus games get triggered on fruit machines?

    One interesting aspect of playing fruit machines is that whilst they will all offer at least one and often more than one main bonus game or bonus feature round, the way in which fruit machines can award them will always vary from machine to machine.

    Some fruit machines use bonus or scatter symbols to award their respective main bonus games and bonus feature rounds whilst other will use a number trail on which you will have to light up all of the positions on that trail by spinning in number attached to certain reel positions on the payline to trigger those games!

  4. Do I still earn comps when playing fruit machines?

    Make no mistake about it no matter what type of slot or gaming machines or in fact any type of casino game you play at all online or mobile casino sites, as long as you are playing those games for real money then you will always be earning comp points!

    The value of the comp points you will be awarded with is going to vary from each casino site you choose to play at for real money as will the redemption rates for turning your comp points back into real money playing credits!

  5. How many paylines are attached to fruit machines?

    There are usually just three different playing structures to be found on real money fruit machines, and they are a single payline playing structure and two on which you can play either three payline or five paylines per spin. You will always find just how many payline or win lines as they are known as by checking out the pay table or the game play help files.

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