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Real Money Mobile Slots and Slot Apps

Mobile SlotsIf you are a regular slot player and you play slot games in a land based casino for example, then you will know that visiting such a venue can be a little time consuming, for you have to plan your journey then go on that journey, find somewhere to park if you are in a car and then finally enter the casino, and then once you have finished playing make the journey back home again!

If that is way too time consuming for you more so if you live miles away from a casino or any gaming venue that has slot games on offer, then there is a much easier way you can play slot games in a real money playing environment and that will be by opting to play slot game on a mobile device.

No matter what type of mobile device you own you are going to find a large range of casino sites offering a mobile gaming platform, and every single game that you can play in a land based casino or slot venue will be on offer to you via your mobile device!

Frequently Asked Questions

A range of questions associated with playing mobile slot games and their respective answers can be found below, so if you so wish to start playing casino game via a mobile app then your questions that you may have could be answered in the following section!

  1. What mobile slot has the biggest jackpot?

    The mobile slot game which has the largest non progressive base game jackpot is the Cashville slot, this game offers players the chance of winning a 50,000 base game jackpot for each coin wagered on each payline put into play.

    Mobile slot games are also available which do offer progressive jackpots and there will be limit on how much you can win when you choose to play those games on a mobile device, so do check them out as there are lots of them available and you could win big on any spin you send into live play!

  2. Will casino app slot play earn me loyalty rewards?

    All mobile casino sites will have their own loyalty scheme in play for their real money mobile slot game players, and as such each time you play any mobile slot game you are going o be earning comp points much like when you play real moneys slot games anywhere else.

    However, each mobile casinos site will have their own uniquely designed comp clubs so always shop around and compare what each of them have to offer you as some mobile casinos are much more generous than others!

  3. Are online slots higher paying ones?

    You will be able to lots of different slot games to play online, however for you to get much longer playing sessions and to have the best winning chances when you do decide to play those types of slot online you will need to select the real money slot games with the highest payout percentages.

    Many online slot machines have payout percentages of 96% or higher, however some do have slightly lower payout percentage so always make sure you check out just how high or low the RTP is on any slot games you do decide to play before you play it online!

  4. How can I deposit money into an online casino?

    You will have quite a number of different options available to you in regards to how you can instantly and securely transfer money into any online casino site at which you wish to play their slot games for real money.

    You will find many casinos accept every single type of web wallet, credit or debit card and you will also find many mobile and online casino sites will allow you to fund your casino account using one of the many different pre paid vouchers than can be purchase from shops and stores nearby to where you live!

  5. Do I have to be over 18 to play real money slot games?

    It will be dependent on just where you live in the world as to how old you will have to be before you can legally play online or mobile slot games for real money. The usual minimum age of many online casino sites is 18, but do be aware those minimum ages can be different at various different casino sites and as such always check before you play at any site as some have a 21 minimum age requirement!

Mobile Slot Game Resources

It does not matter what type of mobile device you own you are going to find a range of mobile slot games which are fully compatible with your mobile device and below are some guides we have available on this website.

Android Slots – There are a huge range of Android device compatible slot game you can play online and each of them offers their own range of winning payouts and often bonus games can be triggered too.

iPhone Slots – If you want to play slot games for real money on an iPhone then you can of course do just that by downloading a mobile casino app directly onto your iPhone and then plenty of slots will be instantly accessible to you.

Blackberry Slots – Other mobile devices such as Blackberry phones can also be used as a way of accessing and playing mobile slot games.

Windows Slots – If you have a Windows phone then we think you are going to be amazed at just how many different real money slots you will be able to play instantly on those types of devices.

Nokia Slots – Even on very old mobile phone such as Nokia phones you are still going to be able to access and play a range of Java mobile slot games.

Play Slots on a Tablet – If you have a Tablet device which let’s face it a lot of people do then there are plenty of fun to play and high paying mobile slot games which you can load onto any type of Tablet device!