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Privacy Policy

To ensure your complete privacy when you are visiting out Real Money Slots Helper website at no time we will ask you to supply us with any type of private personal information, You will not need to register to use our website and as such you can take a look over it at any time without giving us any personal information.

If you make contact with us and to do so you will find out emails address on the contact us section other website then we will of course respect your privacy and will only reply to your email answering any questions you may have asked.

We will not send out any type of ales or marketing emails and your email will never be passed onto anyone else.

Please do be aware that we have listed several third party websites on this site and each of those sites will have their own privacy policies in play, we cannot be held responsible for any content found on any third party websites linked to or mentioned on this website.

Please do enjoy your visit to the real Money Slots Helper website and do keep checking back as we are always adding additional information that you may find useful and informative!